Hide a Tab

Our client has two tabs that are not used, she wants to hide them to see if users will notice. It's unused tab.
If users don't notice we will delete the tab.

Any tips?


Masking calculation for the tabs.

There is maybe a better way that this one, it is to set the name to "". If I am right, there is still a very narrow tab.

There is another way, which is to not use tabs, but simulate them.:

  • Use instead a Slider with the same number of panels as there are Tab pages
  • Do not display the dots at the bottom, this way preventing users from using them to navigate from panel to panel
  • At the top of the slider add a Buttod bar to replace the Tab headers

There you go, simply omit the tabs you wish to hide.



Log the usage over a period of time. You can use OnPanelSwitch script trigger and Get ( TriggerTargetPanel ) to generate a log of which panels are used and which users require them.


I am gonna propose this idea. Thank you Malcom.

The solution I decided to go with...

Duplicate the tab set conditional hide, sent the tab to the back.
Deleted the tab I wanted to "hide". This way I am able to copy and paste if I want to "unhide".

Planteg's recommendation was my initial thought.
I think the way I handled it was just easier.

Thank you to everyone who responded, starting to love this community!

Have a good weekend everyone!



we went another way: built a semi-transparent stamp named "legacy layout" with a mailbutton underneith which initiated a mail to the devteam with username, filename, layoutname, timestamp, used script... this way we got some messages and could get in touch with the users who wanted to keep the discontinued layout area

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As HIDE conditions do not work on tab control tabs, I converted every tab control I've even used to Slide Controls - the ability of a button bar segment to execute code, vs the convoluted process of getting code to execute from a tab control, makes this a no-brainer. I have layouts that get reused with different clients, with a different mix of screens. Those screens all exist concurrently in slide controls, and they get view/hidden based on the button bar segment's visual HIDE condition.

The only remaining tab controls in my solutions are breadcrumb navigation, just because the tabs - unlike button bar segments, can vary in size. (thanks to Weetbicks / Daniel Wood for this one).

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