Can I have both swipe control and tabs?

I am working on a FileMaker Go layout and would like to update the current tab system I am using to also allow for swiping. But I still want to keep the tabs. Is this possible? I know I can just make buttons combined with slide and it would function but I would like the buttons to highlight both when the button is used or when the user swipes.

When I saw OnPanelSwitch trigger I figured I would be able to use that to highlight the tab I was on but it seems it is more complicated that that? It seems you might need to use Get(TriggerCurrentPanel) and Get(TriggerTargetPanel)? I will continue to work with this but if I am going down the wrong path it would be nice to know. Any help would be appreciated.

Well that was a little to quick apparently to ask the question. I had been doing it right but set the wrong script to trigger. As soon as I switch it problem was solved.