Hide condition depending on active buttonbar segment

Hi dear fmsoup members.

I'm looking for an elegant way to hide an object based on the active buttonbar segment.
I was thinking of putting a flag with a script trigger when activating a segment, and base my hide condition on that. But maybe there is a better way based on a function or technique I might not know.

Thanks for the input already. Much appreciated.

Greetings from Belgium

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Greetings from Canada Padje,

Button bar segments normally call scripts. It seems easiest to have scripts do what you are looking for in this case.

We use the MVC design pattern a lot at D-Cogit. All of our layout mechanics are handled by a set of scripts called the view scripts (V in MVC). Handling the button bar clicks and layout masking is part of the view logic. It should be fairly easy to layer view scripts in an efficient and elegant manner to handle your masking needs with button bars.

Hope this helped.

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Helps for shure. Confirmation of the script(trigger) way to go. Thanks for the heads up and learning me the abbreviation MVC. Had to look that one up :nerd_face:

Have a nice day/night.