Button Bars - Copy Conditional Formatting

I've found some references to being able to transfer conditional formatting from one object to another, for example:

The first indicates that using the select object, bring to front, select the second object, select conditional formatting should also work on button bars.

However, all I've managed to achieve so far, following all the steps is to remove the conditional formatting from the original button segment, as the CF dialogue window comes up blank each time.

Has anyone had any success using this method on button bars?

Many thanks


OK, I think I have my own answer.

Trying to do this between button bar segments, doesn't appear to work. However, the original conditional formatting on the original button bar segment, can be transferred to another object, such as a field and the conditional formatting from this can be transferred back to another button bar segment.

Should save me a heap of work.

I would love to be able to drag-n-drop button bar segments between button bars and I've always wondered why it hasn't simply appeared as part of the functionality.

In the same way, I wonder why the conditional formatting, visibility, etc, can't be transferred from one object to another by dragging the icon ( option drag, command drag, control drag - what ever is preferred ) from one object onto another.

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I use this method a fair amount, and it has worked between button bar segments for me. The last two comments on the question you linked are the key. The object with conditional formatting must be higher in the stack order than the object without.

@PattyB, was this on a Mac or Windows. We’ve been attempting this using Windows.


Ah. I've been using a Mac. I didn't even think about that as a possible issue. My bad

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I regularly copy conditional formatting (but not in button bars). Just bring the conditionally format object to the front and then select it and the other objects you want to conditionally format. When you bring conditional formatting up, it will display the rules from your front object. It's my best undocumented tip!


@FMSundae, I agree, but it is a shame that the button bar segment to button bar segment doesn’t work in Windows. However, the work around using another object has helped a lot.