How do you add multiple records with FileMaker Data API?

Using the "{fieldData:....} when creating a record using the FileMaker Data API, what is the syntax to add multiple records at once (in one request)? Is that supported or do you, instead, repeatedly call, say in a loop, each single record you want to add?

FileMaker 18 Data API Guide


You can't do that with the Data API.
The OData interface allows you to do that. @steve_ssh has posted recently about using odata.
I looked at it for a project earlier this year but choose to use the Data API to pass CSV files to containers, rather than process the records individually via the API. You can follow Steve and I discussing that in this thread. Fastest way to get data into FileMaker Cloud via the Data API? - #12 by Malcolm


So, using the data api, for multiple records, you'd just have a loop in some REST service or similar and loop through multiple fielddata JSON entries. I guess I need to do some benchmarking.

We're not using FileMaker Cloud. Our FMS is on AWS. Not sure that's a deal breaker for OData.

Thanks Malcolm.

The only dealbreaker for OData currently is if you're not using Linux. If FMS is installed on Windows, then OData will not be available.

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Yes, one record per transaction, in a loop.

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