Introductory level blog post and sample file regarding FM OData

Hello Friends,

A relatively new topic in the world of FM Development is that of the FileMaker OData API.

When I first started learning about this API in late 2020, I was particularly intrigued by how simple/streamlined the transactional capabilities of FM OData appear to be. With this in mind, I set out to study enough to do an introductory DigFM presentation on the topic of FM OData, with an eye leaning towards transactional work.

This morning, the Beezwax blog site released a blog post which shares a simplified version of the sample file used in the DigFM presentation. Because I would like to encourage interest in the topic of FM OData, I decided to announce this post here at the Soup.

If you are new to FM OData, and you have interest in gaining some familiarity, I encourage you to download the sample file and browse the examples that it contains. While it does not cover all possible topics, I did try to make sure to include each nuance and trick that took me a little time to learn on my own, so as to potentially accelerate the learning of others:

Thanks for taking a moment to read this, and kind regards,


p.s. I checked all the channel descriptions, and I think I posted in the one which best fits, but apologies in advance if this post is best moved elsewhere.