How much does DataAPI Cost to Run Scripts?

My question is how much (extra) might it cost to run scripts via the DataAPI?

If I run, say, 1,000 scripts via the DataAPI and no data are transferred, is there yet another fee for this?

The DataAPI has always felt like a needless and greedy nickel and dime-ing tactic to me, and I've always avoided it, but I finally have a client who might consider it.


it should always have been free, it is a shameful practice, however they got their act together and it WILL be included in their new licencesing model @ 16,5$ per user, they announced that at devcon 2024
but not so sure if its on premise only (my guess) or also in the cloud

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Thank you!

So, is the subscription pricing increasing or is that the old price? Seems like there's always a rude surprise somewhere... :frowning:

Appreciate your kind reply.

seems same price, but I'm on maintenance, per seats, not users.
also, I thinking only outbound traffic would count

Didn't you say that the DataAPI inbound and outbound would be "included" in the next FileMaker release/licensing model? For now, I'm assuming only, we would pay > 72GB outboud DataAPI traffic.