Licensing Questions

Need some help with licensing. So I researched Claris' site and found a few things need some clarifications:

  1. On Premise Server - as per this page for 10 users I will need to pay US$ 1680.00. Does this include download of the server software also , or do I need to pay for that separately ?
    Server for teams
  2. Cloud - Here I can pay US$ 2280.00 for 10 users ( US$ 19/user/month).
    can I access this Db that is hosted in the cloud through WebDirect ?

for both the above cases - what about Filemaker for developing the DB;s - does above pricing include that or needs to be purchased separately?

Attached are screen shots of the pages so you don't have to go there.

Thanks for your response.
Best - Kevin
OnPrem :

Cloud Server

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  1. When you buy seats for team, you get server and client software included.
  2. Web Direct works for FileMaker Cloud.
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Thanks a lot Christian.