How to connect an On-Premise FMS to Cloud FMS?

I want to be able to pass data from FMS running on an internal server to a database app running on Cloud Connect. I have a daily data dump that is generated locally. I want to push it into the cloud.

In old-school FMS <-> FMS we simply had the same account in both databases and let the FileMaker handle the connection internally.

What is the best way to transfer data now?

In this instance we have CSV data generated from a 3rd party application that is pushed onto an on-premise FMS. Shell scripts push the data files into the FMS documents folder. A scheduled script imports them into container fields. The next step is to transfer them to the other server.

When I'm logged in, I run a script that copies the data files into container fields on the remote cloud connect app. Everything works. However, I'm not going to be logged in. I want the scripts to run on a schedule.

Any suggestions?

Hi Malcolm

Sounds like a perfect use of the data API. Any reasons you wouldn’t consider this?

Kind regards

I would be very happy to go there. I've got lots of experience with the php and xml api's and I can see how similar they are.

I've got a bunch of ingrained reflexes that I have to change. This afternoon I setup processes that would do the entire workflow, then I realised that I had made overlooked at lot of factors - such as being authenticated, being in a user session, etc.

I was playing with the Data API via Postman on my dev server but Cloud is different to on-premise connection. The first issue I faced for a Claris Cloud appliance is that there is a lot of stuff to setup to get authenticated before you start.

Am I alone in thinking that AWS services are some of the most opaque and difficult things to configure? The documentation is not great. There is a a mega-tonne of it but that is is hinderance, not a help. Bezos should be able to afford a few tech-editors but it doesn't seem like they have got around to looking at the Cognito docs yet.

If anyone can point me to a clear guide to authentication with Cloud instances I would be happy.

Actually, the documentation is excellent. But you are correct that there is so much of it and so over-complete that you don't realize how good the documentation is until AFTER you already know everything that is in it.

To authentication against FM Cloud for the Data API, use this:

You can just host it on your own machine for testing or put it anywhere else afterwards, it's a simple node.js web service. It'll run on your internal FMS if you need to, or even on a raspberry pi.

I shouldn't disparage the AWS documentation but after reading a few pages I do feel like I'm lost in the forest and the light is fading.

thanks for the pointer to your tool I'll check it out.

I'm glad to see you say that the authentication process is not trivial ( in the for FileMakerID_token on github ). It makes me feel a little better.