Can i pull data out of Filemaker Cloud via FTP?

I´m generating some .csv files that i pull out of our Filemaker Server. Now i wondered if i can still pull them via FTP or if i have to find another solution if we ever switch to Cloud.

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You won't be able to access the server's file system if you go with FileMaker Cloud.


There are a number of things to consider when going to FMCloud. I would recommend watching both the following videos (I gave a timestamp specific to this context for the first link):


You will sacrifice functionality when moving from on-premise to cloud and you may be required to rework your solution a bit. That said, Claris Connect has a utility that can send CSV exports from FileMaker to FTP server… for a cost of course.

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Thank you for your answers. Not being able to access the file system will make cloud not usable for me.

I have not used FM Cloud (not v1 or v2) but if I read compatibility of script steps, it’s possible to export or write files to file system. Those can then be imported to container fields. Data Api can be used to download those files from external system.

That’s probably more secure and flexible way to transfer data


I recommend setting up based where you are to just get virtual windows server and install FMS yourself and just ask the forum if questions arise. In Germany I used 1&1 and Strato very happily and never had an issues..

FNCloud running at one client and bad experience with being locked down/out after upgrade and other issues difficult to resolve...

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Thanks for your input @FileKraft. We have our own servers in-house. This was more or less just a theoretical question planning for the future. But @villegld ´s solution sounds really promising i think i could work with that.


I use a lot FTPeek plugin server side to send files to ftp servers. It is not free but very easy to implement.

I agree no access to the OS is a real limitation of Cloud that goes beyond your particular issue. Backups being another big problem.

If using the AWS version of Filemaker Cloud, you won't be able to use FTP, but you would be able to use sFTP or scp, using the same private key to authenticate which you downloaded when you first setup your AWS account.

(Not a big fan of AWS)

You can even automate the SFTP transfers with FileMaker scripts using CURL functions in MBS FileMaker Plugin.

That's good that cURL supports the SSH/SCP/sFTP featureset. cURL is amazingly powerful, just when I think I have a handle on all the things it can do, another usage case comes along where cURL is the answer. And as a mainly command-line kind of guy, I use it a lot on Linux elsewhere.

For those wanting to do a "pull" rather than a "push" of the backups, I believe you can run it from Windows Command Line now using the Windows SubSystem for Ubuntu Linux, although watch out for the differing permissions, ownership and case-sensitivity on the NTFS filesystem compared with typical Linux filesystem. macOS HFS+ or APFS filesystems are also different from Linux, but the differences are much more minor in nature.

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