How to schedule scripts in FMS Script Scheduler?

What script steps are "supported" in FMS' script scheduler?

I have several scripts in my FMS app, but none show up for scheduling in FMS. I also don't see any way to identify "supported" script steps in the FMP Script dialog. The help for this topic sends you to page with a long list of topics with, from what I could find, no examples or good explanations.

Is this server script capability useful?


Hi @OliverBarrett there's a compatibility checker top right in Script Manager - see the attached. I use the FMS script scheduler for running overnight updates, and various tests.
Compatabilty Checker

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That's helpful, thank you.

However, when I go into the FMP app, and click the "Server" icon, it shows all my script steps enabled. But, when I go to "schedule" a script in FMS there are no scripts found to schedule.

Do I need to call the script using PSOS before FMS script scheduler will see it?

Thanks again.

No problem!
Go to Create Schedlue. Then you need to pick a database the drop down list of those dbs running on the server, then you should be able to pick a script from the list of those in that file.


I figured it out!

There is an "admin" to log into the FMS Console and and "admin" in the FMP app itself.

I was using the "admin" from the FM Console (since that appeared automatically, I just figured FMS "knew" what the account was to use) not the Admin in the FMP app. Once I changed that, then all the scripts appeared!

Sorry for my confusion. :crazy_face:

I really appreciate your help!!! :slight_smile:

Excellent! Not often you get too many admins! :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks for the feedback.

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