How to send a Big JSON to a JS function in the WebViewer

Hi guys!
I wonder if there is a way to pass lot of data from FileMaker to a JS function in the WebViewer, as far as I know, the parameter in the script only accepts 1million characters or something like that...


I do lots of work with HUGE JSON files (>450 MB). I don't use the web viewer, favoring an external REST service that is wickedly fast and works with other applications that use similar data. If this approach would work for you at some point (I realize you're trying to work in the web viewer now), let me know and I'll fill in some details.

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I afraid I am limited to the webviewer, also I don't think I can grab the files in the FileMaker containers from the webviewer, nor files that are in the FileMaker server.
The plan is to export the file into a xml file, then convert it to a json file and play with the data in the webviewer. (Basically I need to reinvent the wheel implementing some Diff to see the changes between deployments)
and yeah... xmls around 300mb...

No good suggestions to offer, but I wanted to say that it sounds like a cool endeavor. Would I be correct to think that this is for a developer tool feature (as opposed to a solution feature for a user)?

I suppose that you could break up your content into chunks and pass in multiple chunks, but I think that there are likely other better ways to solve this, and I am hopeful that others will be able to offer some of those.

If you use MBS FileMaker Plugin and the Webview functions, then you just set form fields (text area) or use the WebView.Evaluate function. Both should top more than 1 million characters.

Is for add it to a customer solution, is not for any dev tool, I think at the end I will be using MBS xml import to create tables from the XML and figure it out the relationships in the TOs.. (I guess the Diff tools out there are doing the same approach)
I was thinking about break the content, but my co-dev are not so happy about that, he is inclined more about the MBS approach...
In other projects I will probably will use some microservice on NodeRed...

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just searching now about the textarea limits:

The maxlength attribute on a tag specifies the maximum number of characters that can be entered in the textarea. The default maximum characters is 524,288 .

Not sure If I could use the fmrest, (I don't think the files from the solution have that privilege set enabled, and/or how to deal with the credentials, etc..)

That sounds fine. Thanks for replying.

If you decide (later) to try the (free, cross-platform, cross-applications) REST approach, it's simple to extract data from a container file using the Base64Encoded() function in FileMaker (and to then include that data in the INSERT FROM URL call).

All the best. :slight_smile: