Interest in WebView2 control for FileMaker?

Do you guys have interest in buying a plugin to get a Webview2 control in FileMaker?
Using Chrome based Edge engine in FileMaker on Windows.

I just made such a control for Xojo:

Forgive my ignorance Christian - what exactly would this provide us with, in terms of example functionality?

A web viewer on Windows with Chrome/Edge instead of Internet Explorer, so you can use newer HTML, CSS and JavaScript features.

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I am in the process of trying install a web app into my solution and this makes me wonder if I will need something like this. But for now I know so little about it I can not say. I am still working out if the company will be helping me or not. The web app requires a NDA so I will be limited on who I get help from.

So while I do not currently know, if it ends up being an issue I will remember this post :slight_smile:

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