Image Annotator Using Web Viewer

Are there any good solutions for drawing on top of a background image from a container field?

I'm working on a web viewer that can draw on an image, but I'm supplying the image from a URL. I haven't figured out how to pass in an image from a container yet, or save the edited image.

Would this be useful for anyone, if I can get the rest working? Any tips on sending an image from a container to a web viewer?
2024-04-13 12.06.36

@Malcolm , thanks for the tip about storing the web viewer code in a text field outside of the layout!


You could base64 encode the data into base64 format and pass it into the webviewer


here you go. This should help with code you can use to extract the image, failing that you could just use this :slight_smile:

ImageEditor.fmp12 (328 KB)


@weetbicks thanks! I hadn't heard of Toast UI before. This library is way better than what I was using.