Containers with WebDirect

I added a container field to my app for student photos. Students have place they can log in using WebDirect to see their credits at any time and I want to make it so they can update their own photos on the phone.

In the security panel I don't let them edit their own records, so I created a 1-to-1 join with a new table which has the photo container. In the desktop version of the app when logged in as me I can paste images in there.

On the iPhone when I log in as a student I can't seem to edit the field at all. On the desktop when logged in as a student I can drag an image there, but I when I right-click all the options are greyed out.

Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 7.58.47 AM

Is this expected behavior. I had expected if a student goes to this field on their phone and clicks on it they would have the option to upload an image from their library or take a photo or upload a file.

Probably best to script the interaction. It will give them a better experience and give you more control over the process.

Thanks, I hadn't heard anything so I posted to the Claris forums and someone suggested the "Insert from Device" script step, which is exactly what I needed but couldn't find.

Probably worth recording the script name here for next person searching for it. :slight_smile:

Insert from device is not available to WebDirect. Browsers have no access to the underlying hardware, as that is the way they were designed to support the universality of it all.

Insert Audio/Video, however is available from a web browser

FMP has limited access to hardware and filesystems.
FMGo has extraordinary access to the iPhone/iPad hardware, sensors, GPS, camera, encoding, etc. but less access to a filesystem.

As a result, some commands that work in FMGo do NOT work in FMP - at least the same way. The functionality can often be scripted down a different conditional path.