Incorrect search results on calculation field


I am getting incorrect results when searching a calculation field in our database. We have been running client/server in our office for many years, first on a Mac network, now a PC network. We're still on FM 11, as we keep saying we will replace it with other systems, but only recently have begun that process. FM has been a solid performer the whole time. Recent weird search results are causing some worry. It seems to be limited to just calculation fields. When I pull yesterday's backup copy of the database onto my laptop, the search then works. Any suggestions welcomed.


Welcome to The Soup!

I often find that rebuilding a field's index fixes the issue when finds that worked no longer work for the field.

Follow these steps to rebuild a field's index:

  1. Open the Manage Database dialog box;
  2. Select the problematic field;
  3. Click the Options… button;
  4. Select the Storage tab;
  5. Click the None indexing option;
  6. Select the OK button for the Options for Field dialog box;
  7. Select the OK button for the Manage Database dialog;
  8. Re-doing steps 1 through 5, except select Minimal or All for the indexing option.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the suggestion. I will try it when I get a chance.

It seems like the reboot we did on the server, prior to me re-indexing one of the fields, did the trick. If it starts happening again, I may look at doing more re-indexing before doing the reboot again. Thanks for your help.