Is there an example how to specify an InsertFromURL call to succeed connecting to an FTP server and uploading a file to a directory (so that it works)? And of course the cURL options!!!

Assuming you have the ftp server's URL and you have an account to acceess and you have a file in a container field. Somehow I cannot find any instructions how to conduct this successfully!

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I've done it. I think you should be able to find the info you need here: Claris Community (English)



--upload-file $file --user "<USERNAME>:<PASSWORD>"


$file (can be text or container data)

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FM Script

Insert From URL [ Target: $result ; $url ; cURL options: $curl ]

Full Example

# Plop container field data into a var so it's plopped and ready to go.
Set Variable [ $file ; Value: Table::container_to_upload ] 
# Then reference the var *name* in the curl calc (don't substitute it in).
Set Variable [ $curl ; Value: "--upload-file $file --user \"josh:josh\" --dump-header $response_headers --trace-ascii $trace" ] 
# ftp server running on localhost for testing.
# Picking a random uuid filename for this  example:
Set Variable [ $url ; Value: "ftp://localhost/uploads/" & Get ( UUID ) & ".png" ] 
Insert from URL [ Select ; With dialog: Off ; Target: $response_body ; $url ; cURL options: $curl ] 

# Store result (body probably empty, and the headers/trace optional)
Set Field [ Table::response_body ; $response_body ] 
Set Field [ Table::response_headers ; $response_headers ] 
Set Field [ Table::trace ; $trace ] 
Commit Records/Requests [ With dialog: Off ] 
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Anyone have a SFTP version?


I've gotten mixed messages about whether sftp works from FM. I'm assuming the above doesn't work for sftp:// for you then?

Mr camelCase said it works for him here: Claris Community (English)

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he is also a member of the forums here: @CamelCase

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Thank you very much @jwilling !