Is there a way to change the colour for

The style “Highlight” is by default yellow and cannot be changed in FM UI. Is there a way to hack that? I’m working on a Webdirect solution but am also interested in knowing for the Desktop ones.

When we check the option “Select all contents of field” in the inspector, when the user clicks in an editable field, all the content appears selected, which is the behaviour I want. However, FM default colour for this is this baby blue highlight. While it is acceptable most of the time, in my current situation, it isn’t because the client’s branding has no blue or green at all. Zero, Nada. Rien. None. period. so it looks REALLY weird with the rest. So, is there a way to hack that?

This is on of the shortcomings of the UI. It is baked in without the possibility to customise.
No documented method for changing that.
Several ‘product idea’ posts treat GUI shortcomings like this one, nothing changed so far ( the last decade). With FM it’s baby blue :no_mouth:.