How to change Script Text Color after installed MBS plugin?

many of friends suggested I should try MBS plugin, I download the test trail to install, till now I still don't know what I can use, but my script workspace text color have been changed, it gives me a dark purple color which is difficult to read under dark mode, with my Presbyopia. I can not find anywhere I can setup this color, please does anyone know where I can change this text color?

after MBS

Yeah, I had the same problem.

MBS has several methods to let you change their defaut colors for just about anything you want.

Their help file is difficult to search taking you to a Google page that rarely has what I'm looking for.

I had some of the color change methods in my Data Viewer but due to a FMP 19 crash (and the many-year design bug in FMP), all my watch expressions were deleted. MBS isn't object oriented so you need to know the name of each function. I don't use them often enough to "remember" them...

Write Christian at MBS and he'll help you.


Preferences > Plugins > MBS > Configure > Uncheck syntax coloring.

I thought he wanted to know how to change the colors for the various options.

MBS has methods just for those color options with fine-tuned detail.

Did you read the recent blog entry?

Dark Mode in FileMaker

You may want to reset color rules.

thank you finally I found this setting page

I like the function of coloring scripts, the only problem is the "dark purple", using methods to fine tune color is still complicated to me for the moment, I will simply switch off that coloring function first.

wow, are you the creator of MBS? it's a huge work.


Maybe just run once:

MBS( "SyntaxColoring.FactoryDefaults" )

To get the colors optimized for dark/light.

If you have color rules from older versions, you may have the wrong rules.

The purple color in dark mode was so difficult for me to read that it was keeping me from using FM19 ( because I didn't want to give up MBS ). It took me a while to figure out the MBS commands to resolve this problem. Please try this:

copy / paste these commands one at a time, in order, into the data viewer.

MBS( "SyntaxColoring.Clear" )

MBS( "SyntaxColoring.FactoryDefaults" )

MBS( "SyntaxColoring.AddTag"; "ScriptStep"; "Set Variable"; "Cantaloupe" )

You can choose any color you want, I used Cantaloupe

This page has many examples of what can be colorized and the colors you can choose.

Thanks for sharing, I'm sure there is a good number of us who are either doing as you or using light mode only because of that.

I like the file that is available with MBS to customize the colors (the one from @mrwatson-de ). I believe.

If anyone has a complete darkmode colorset they want to share I think a lot of people will be grateful for that.

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@psurget ?

Feel free to suggest improvements as we tune the default color set for each new release.