Local Files slowing down on Windows 8 and higher

Working on a project where local FM19 files are installed on Windows ≥8 desktops. The files have 1GB data annual growth (storage increase) and they run responsive on a fresh install. After weeks of service they start to become sluggish and only reinstalling everything on a new windows user speed is back to responsive.
About the windows in the office. They are using roaming profiles which maps somehow the 'local' drive to the network.
My question: Anyone experiencing same slow downs on huge locally hosted FMP files? Any known solutions to share would be very much appreciated.


How does a copy of such a database behave on a Windows without any drive mapping?

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it behaves well. No slow down. Thanks!

Roaming profiles have to sync back to the server, hence you’ll be at the mercy of network traffic, particularly with large files. Found this explanation:

When an employee logs in, Windows copies the user's profile from the organization's network share of profiles to the local computer. When the employee logs off, Windows copies any updates the user made to profile data from the desktop computer to the network copy of the profile. This process ensures that the roaming user profile contains current data the next time the employee logs into a virtual desktop or PC.


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Thanks Andy. Still not sure why it slows down over time though?

Is the restoration point activated? Dunno if I call it right. In my memory it could build really heavy files that slowed access.

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I will check with IT - thank you!

Does performance return to normal after a reboot?

In recent server releases, the purge cache command has been added to the systems script options in the script schedule. The purpose is that, although the cache improves performance for a while, at some point the checking of an ever increasing cache size results in a negative impact on performance.

I have this running every 5 minutes to clear cache.

As you say these files are local, I wonder if a similar scenario impacts them as well. If a reboot resolves it, then this is the likely culprit.

reboot never helps - just creating a new user account helped for some short time .. thanks ..