Mac OS X and FileMaker Compatible Dictation Tools

I have a customer with an old solution that needs to be upgraded soon. One of his tools is Dragon Dictate. It has been discontinued for Mac OS X. He needs a replacement.

I know little of dictation tools out there… so am starting my research. I am asking to speed up said search. Anyone know of an English language dictation tool compatible with FileMaker v19? Knowing which to avoid is just as important. Thanks for your tips.

Has the built-in dictation improved enough to be a reasonable replacement?

I haven't used Dragon dictate within the last decade, so I assume it is
much improved. The last version I used wasn't as good as dictation is

Good question! I will ask my client. Unsure he will know the answer… as he has an old clunker of a system right now.

How about this?

Ah! You remind me that the solution must be on-device. There is a need for confidentiality.

With MBS FileMaker Plugin you can use TextView functions to place a system text view on the layout. This one can be a target for dictation as far as I remember.

What do you mean by a system text view?

The text fields in FileMaker are drawn and handled by FileMaker itself, so the system spell checker can't check them. And they are not a target for dictation. Maybe I can try that myself and make a blog post about it.

I understand now. Interestingly enough, the client is able to use the dictation software in FileMaker version 14. I had him try in FileMaker version 19 and it also works, just not in Catalina.