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on my mac I use aText as a replacement to text expander or typinator.

aText is now available as a free beta for Windows (as a reference, the paid version on the mac is $5, so if you like it, I would be surprised if the paid version was to be pricier than that).

What similar products do you like to use? Please share in the comments below.

One thing I like a lot when running FileMaker on a Mac is tab is set to 4 places. Then when I use Let or ExecuteSQL, I use tabs to make it clear. On Windows Tab is set to 8 places, so indenting is much too large.

Maybe with aText I may indent at 4 places and then copy to FileMaker ?!?

Give it a try and let us know, but a tab is a specific key and spaces are different. If you want to control the length of the indentation, I guess using spaces is your only option.

The only problem is the Mac has an indent limit in the calculation window before it wraps spoiling the indent. I haven’t found a limit in Windows, hence the very complicated calculations are easier to read. Particularly now we have While to add to Let (or vice versa).

keyboard maestro here. AFAIK macOS only

I got (keyboard maestro -) shortcuts for eSQL, Let, etc. to get rid of the not-so-cool defaults from filemaker

On macOS, in scriptworkspace we can have linebreaks in comments etc. that help to make text/formulas more clear

‘texting’ on the Mac is IMHO much easier in general. On Windows, I’m loosing ‘stream/flow’ more often than on macOS (that said after writing manuals the last few days)…

I use Rocket Typist, a handy little text replacement tool that looks like the identical twin of your suggested solution. Also no subscription model, like yours.

What I like most about Rocket Typist is the possibility to pop up a little search window right beneath your cursor by hitting a self defined keyboard shortcut. So you can quickly find all relevant text snippets in a large haystack of abbreviations. I store all my FAQ customer answers in it, even including text with pictures!

Oh, and did I mention that I do also use it for FileMaker developing…?

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