MacOS "Big Sur" and the earth shaking announcement

Well, in the screen shots from the keynote, Big Sur is version 11, not 10... so someone is just being silly. :slight_smile:

If they correct bugs in the FInder, that will be a great day ! The one that makes me angry is with external drives: suddenly Finder can't do anything with them. For example you have a drive for TimeMachine, you check once in a while that all is well and find that no new backup were created since a few days . . . RED ALERT !!!. Well no. The Finder just can't show those files. And to have Finder works as it should, you need to unplug and plug back the drive.

I don't get why Apple haven't fix that bug a long time ago :rage:.

there have been news around where macOS 16 is for intel macs and 11 for arm macs

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I'm using Big Sur right now, it's nice and it's going well.

Some menus or menu bars have been redesigned, it will take a small period of user upgrade. The alert dialogs are better presented and better imaged.

FM 17, 18 and 19 run there without more problem than in Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina (latest versions).

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I noticed a few bug reports around inspectors in layout mode. Have you noticed anything there?

I noticed some difficulties with the first launch of some applications (Mail, Safari, Calendar, Contacts) and also with FMP 17 in the script edition.

This is certainly due to the re-initialization of caches.

At the second launch, it works better.

I didn't test the edition of all the models of my applications, the ones I reviewed didn't cause any problem.
To top it all off, I'll have to keep an eye on the inspectors, the world upside down. :slight_smile:

I've been using Big Sur and FM19 since the beginning of June. I've discovered some display problems especially in the script space. Sometimes the script lines are unreadable, white on white, just reset the script preferences to be correct. I was unable to display the column on the left that allows to add or remove a script from the scripts menu. I switch back to FM18 to modify it. FM17 is unusable on Big Sur, too many blocks in development mode. The usual FileMaker.

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J'utilise Big Sur et FM19 depuis le début juin. J'ai découvert des problèmes d'affichage surtout dans l'espace de script. Quelque fois les lignes de scripts sont illisibles, en blanc sur blanc, il suffit de réinitialiser les préférences de scripts pour que cela soit correct. Je n'ai pas réussi à faire afficher la colonne à gauche qui permet d'ajouter ou supprimer un script du menu scripts. Je repasse en FM18 pour le modifier. FM17 est inutilisable sur Big Sur, trop de blocages en mode développement. Du FileMaker habituel.

The usual FileMaker.

Not sure what you mean by that, but in each new MacOS versionstrong text, Apple introduces big changes and don't care about breaking existing applications. As someone said some time ago, MacOS is free . . . really ? Think about the cost to upgrade your applications.

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Du FileMaker habituel.

Je ne suis pas sur de comprendre votre pensée, mais chaque fois qu'Apple lance une nouvelle version de MacOS, de grosses modifications sont apportées et Apple se fout de briser les applications existantes. Comme quelqu'un avait dit il y a un certain temps. MacOS est gratuit . . . vraiment ? Pensez au prix pour les mises-à-jours à vos applications.

I agree with this.

It is nevertheless surprising that whith Claris, they are not aware of the "changes" made by Apple on macOS before the other editors. It's the same company, there must be a flow of information between the two companies, one is a subsidiary of the other.
It is as if a pipe manufacturer did not warn its subsidiary that installs oil pipelines that the diameter of the pipes it will manufacture from today will decrease by 10 cm.

We will have to wait another two months after the official release of Big Sur that Claris FileMaker offers a version that works on Big Sur.
With MS, Sophos, Bombich, Antidote and many other publishers, it is done or we already have versions which improve the functioning on Big Sur.

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Je suis entièrement d'accord.

Il est quand même étonnant que chez Claris, on ne soit pas au courant des "modifications" apportées par Apple sur macOS avant les autres éditeurs. C'est la même maison, il doit bien y avoir une circulation d'informations entre les deux sociétés, l'une est filiale de l'autre.
C'est comme si un fabricant de tuyaux ne prévenait pas sa filiale qui installe des oléoducs que le diamètre des tuyaux qu'elle fabriquera à partir d'aujourd'hui diminuera de 10 cm.

On va devoir attendre deux mois encore après la sortie officielle de Big Sur pour que Claris FileMaker propose une version qui fonctionne sur Big Sur.
Entre parenthèses chez MS, Sophos, Bombich, Antidote et bien d'autres éditeurs, c'est fait ou on a déjà des versions qui améliorent le fonctionnement sur Big Sur.

Precisely, Claris makes no current claim to support Big Sur AFAIK: Claris FileMaker Pro 19 - Apple. (under "System Requirements" )

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Do you mean that Claris is late on adapting to newer versions of MacOS ? One thing is for sure, Big Sure when released will be different from today's version. So Claris may prefer to wait for the official release before spending time on adjusting and I may understand. But thing is Apple pushes updates to the new and fantastic version and users rush to get it, only to discover that FileMaker, or other applications are not yet ready. My forecast is that it will be the same story this year :upside_down_face:.

All of this is out of this world: Apple pretends to have the best OS on earth, so easy to use, so intuitive, but put no efforts to help users to upgrade without hassles. On top of that Claris does not tell its users not to rush for updates. Completely crazy :crazy_face: .

I mean that the aim of Apple and Claris seems to be not the same.
Yes, macOS is the best OS and Apple made a lot of effort for the users.
Why Apple doesn't act the same with his subsidiary applications.
It will be great if Apple launchs at the same time macOS Big Sur golden version and a new version or an update for of all the applications they provide in susidiaries.
I will prefer to have an update for macOS every two years and not every years with an update of all the applications of their subsidiaries.
They will earn less by this way in their subsidiaries.

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Apple doesn't tell Claris when release is going to happen. Claris does work on and test macOS beta versions... However, they have to do all the testing on the shipping version, which they can't do until it's released. So likely we will never see a zero day release. There is just TOO much to test. That is the reason for the delay. They don't wait until release day to start working on it.

FileMaker is just too different from single-purpose apps. And very different from apps where the technology lives on the vendor's servers and the client is a browser. There are pros and cons to either side.

I know, it's a dream. :slight_smile:

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From what I hear from people in Claris, they get fewer details than some other partners (Adobe, games, MS) as they are simply not on Apple's radar as an important partner, even though they are a subsidiary. Strange, but true.

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We can say Apple and Claris are in the communication business, what a poor demonstration of that :unamused:.

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