MBS FileMaker Plugin 14.1 development


in this thread I want to post to you what's new in development of MBS Plugin, version 14.1.

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New functions in documentation.

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Hi @MonkeybreadSoftware,

Your brilliant plug in does overwhelm me frankly. Is there a light version of it or a decaf?
Maybe a feature request like a toggle button to turn off all 'advanced' features and have the basic (maybe just the freeebee-stuff) in there :thinking:

Thanks anyway for offering your enhancements!

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If you don't use a feature, it doesn't interfere.

For the script workspace enhancements, well just go to preferences dialog and turn on/off what you like.

You can absolutely stay with the free enhancements to FileMaker and the 2000 free functions and never call one of the other 5000 functions.

But of course we appreciate if you have a license. Trial licenses are a great way to try the full plugin for a while.

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  • Added possibility to hold option key for format button to get a calculation made compact for faster evaluation.

Are you saying compact as in removing white-space? Does that really make the evaluation faster? Never heart of this before, will have to try it out. I find it hard to believe!

I'll remove the "for faster evaluation." from the release notes.
The effect is there, but probably too small to make a difference in real usage.


Thanks, I've just tested and noted a difference in this release than previous w hen just using standard format button (not using option).

In the below calc, when I use format, I end up with a large area at the top of the calc missing. if I then click int his area the remainder of the calculation does appear. Kind of like a refresh issue of sorts.

Thanks. We keep an eye on this. If this happens more often, we may add some code to request a redraw of a window.

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And released:

MBS Plugin 14.1 for Claris FileMaker

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