MBS FileMaker Plugin 14.3 development


in this thread I want to post to you what's new in development of MBS Plugin, version 14.3.

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  • Added Python functions.
  • Added Plugin.LockedFunctions function.
  • Enhanced execute button for calculation dialog to allow pressing option key to only evaluate the selected text.
  • Updated for future FileMaker version.
  • Improved variable auto completion to better handle custom functions starting with underscore.
  • Updated to newer plugin SDK for FileMaker 21.
  • Fixed problem with JSON returning negative floating point numbers without leading 0.
  • Updated to Xcode 15.4.
  • Updated SQLAPI to version 5.3.2.
  • Fixed the WordFile.ReplaceTag function, which broke in 14.2.
  • Improved the formatting code for calculations to handle special words like or and and better.
  • Update LibXL libraries for macOS and Windows to version 4.3.
  • Fixed a bug in WebLink() function in DynaPDFMBS class returning negative number.
  • Changed XL.Book.Version to have the book parameter optional.
  • Added EmailParser.ReleaseAll function.
  • Renamed EmailParser.Free to EmailParser.Release, but old name will stay valid.
  • Fixed a memory leak in loading Excel file from disk with XL.LoadBook function.
  • Fixed a problem with XL functions where license key was not recognized properly.
  • Fixed a problem with copying script text would duplicate field names or calculations.
  • Changed trace function to not log the password for a Files.Mount call.
  • Added check to XL.Initialize and DynaPDF.Initialize to return an error if the license key includes invalid characters like a space character.
  • Added Mutex.ReleaseAll function.
  • Renamed Mutex.Free to Mutex.Release, but old name will stay valid.
  • Updated SQLite to version 3.46.0.
  • Updated our ICU integration for SQLite to the new SQLite version.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Enhanced format button for calculation dialog to allow pressing shift key to only format the selected text.
  • Updated curl to version 8.8.0
  • Enhanced check syntax button for calculation dialog to allow pressing shift key to only check the selected text.

Love the enhancements to the data viewer and calc engine !


Just minor comment - looks like all the enhanced syntax/execute/format options for calc engine use the shift key which is great - the notes just refer to the execute button using the option key.

Yes, it was first option and then I switched to shift key for consistency. I'll update the release notes.

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Thanks, I'm finding this so useful for debugging larger calculations without having to deconstruct components and split them out into separate data viewer calcs - being able to check all conditions of a Case statement in-line is a huge time saver






Would be interesting to know what enhancements under the hood are implied by the newer SDK?
Trying to find any updated specs like script parameter length and calculation statement length, sql statement length etc ...

Recent builds are also available here:




I have an idea/request for the next release if possible.

99% of the time when developing in anchor-buoy solutions (or any type for that matter) when accessing the graph you want to jump to the current layouts table occurrence (the anchor) because you're usually working on that layout and thus any graph changes you're making are occurring on that anchor-buoy.

SO wouldn't it be nice to have a setting to always jump to the layout contexts TO by default when accessing the graph? The MBS search is already there, so I'm sure it could be utilised for this, where you could just grab the current layouts TO name and do a pre-search ?

This would save always having to locate the Anchor-buoy every time you go to the graph :slight_smile:




And released:

MBS FileMaker Plugin 14.3 for Claris FileMaker