Micro-service Examples Using FMP


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If I understand correctly we need to copy the line and paste it in the fmi search box to find it?

@anon45965781, thanks for the exhaustive list. Great work! I’ve been searching the ‘community’ for Automatically Extract Any Container File Type Text to Regular and
Searchable Text Field
To no avail. I found your post citing the two other posts but links are broken. I further looked into the ‘app innovation’ group, also not there. Not much to see there anyway. Before posting in this group, one should read the ‘terms of submission’. The wording is quite proprietorial.

I no longer post in the App Innovation area on the FMI forum since you can no longer control your own content (Due to the non-existent user controls of the “new FMI Forum”, I removed all my content there). I barely post much on the FMI form at all these days.

IAC, how can I help you?

Did you set up a micro-service using the 2 minute tutorial video I posted?

If so, then the next step would be to use the freely available Apache “Tika” API that will let you do exactly what you seem to need to do.

Below is an example using PDF, but many many other file types are supported.

For example:

  • HyperText Markup Language
  • XML and derived formats
  • Microsoft Office document formats
  • OpenDocument Format
  • iWorks document formats
  • WordPerfect document formats
  • Portable Document Format
  • Electronic Publication Format
  • Rich Text Format
  • Compression and packaging formats
  • Text formats
  • Feed and Syndication formats
  • Help formats
  • Audio formats
  • Image formats
  • Video formats
  • Java class files and archives
  • Source code
  • Mail formats
  • CAD formats
  • Font formats
  • Scientific formats
  • Executable programs and libraries
  • Crypto formats
  • Database formats
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Image and Video object recognition

Please let me know if you need help! :slight_smile:

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I will try it on a set of documents I will receive next week. Right now I am sitting on the sofa with a bad cold, activity is low…:sneezing_face::face_with_thermometer:


Hope you feel better soon.