My licensing story - Read the guidelines for posting!

Yep! I'm opening that can of worms!

My goal is to produce a centralized body of information, questions, wishes, targets to explore a subject-matter that feels like a nebula for many.

The goal here, in the constructive talk channel, is not to argue among ourselves, or provide answers to questions but rather to share our experiences, likes and dislikes about that aspect of our FileMaker journey.

Share also what we envision that could improve our experience. People are invited to interact with others and enrich the knowledge shared by asking clarification questions. Suggestions can be made as well as opinions about programs, policies etc.

Nevertheless opinions about other people's opinions should be refrained. Start from your need. Explain your experience. Explain what your expectations are/were and how a given aspect of the program has enabled you to achieve your goals or required you to alter your strategies.

Template suggestion:

  • Specific licensing program aspect/policy if applicable (putting up links to written documentation is welcomed!)

  • My needs.

  • My story. What happened, how did that affect me, my clients, how did I integrate that in my business model, what I wish I had done differently, what I wish Claris did differently.

  • Pros

  • Cons