Need oAuth Help

I need help in integrating a solution to InfusionSoft.

I am able to obtain an oAuth 2 grant code using a web viewer. I am unable to successfully use the access token request API using curl from either FileMaker or Postman. Postman reveals the following error: {error:invalid_request,error_description:Invalid redirect_uri}.

I followed the InfusionSoft API documentation to the letter. Assuming the reported error is correct, I was suppose to supply the same redirect URI that was used to obtain the grant code. This I did.

I searched for any related topic on the web. A few hits came up. Most pointed to development environment specific issues, none specific to FileMaker. Some recommended to set additional and varying curl headers. I tried some to no effect.

Any help is appreciated.

I no longer need help. I solved the issue: I was inadvertently re-using an unneeded parameter.

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