Neo4j Aura: graph database in the Cloud


OK, Neo4j enters the DBaaS space. I don’t quite see the link with FileMaker. It feels a bit like click bait. Can someone explain to me what I am supposed to read between the lines. Graph DBs are very different from SQL and those products tend to be only data backends, not really something I would compare to FileMaker for its different approach to combine the data storage features with the scripting / display.

Basically, I’m asking why is ‘FileMaker’ part of this topic title?

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I might not have understood correctly what Neo4j does. The title was questionning whether integration between Neo and FM could yield a business intelligence tool comparable to that we can obtain when making FM work with Tableau. Given that the pricing model seems to favour scalability, if indeed it is a good match, it would prove easier for small clients to gain access to BI tools

Tableau will let you chart, Neo4j is only a database (not SQL based). If you want to chart on top of Neo4j, you will have to code all of it.

Anyone can correct me if I am wrong, but that’s my understanding of Neo4j, a GraphDB (as opposed to a SQL DB) and not something that comes with charting embeded.

The network picture from the article, is the data model representation of the tool itself (yes, very different than Entity-Relationship or even UML).

I think you are right… They indeed have tools they offer or recommand to make the graphs themselves e.g. Graph Visualization Tools - Neo4j Graph Database Platform

In such case, Tableau might still be an easier solution…

Actually, Tableau is also one of their recommendations in this list: Other Types of Graph Visualization - Neo4j Graph Database Platform

JavaScript libraries will allow for charting, but it is not a packaged product with a UI like Tableau.

Yeah the name is confusing but graph dbs are a really cool bit of tech. If you haven’t watched this, I found it inspiring:

He happens to use neo4j too

You could load your data in csv, json, XML, excel , HTML format or web service API through APOC method as I remember.

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