Tool to generate a graphical hierarchy tree automatically?


Not Filemaker stuff per say

I've a hierarchy in ly database with

id label parent_id

I'd like to put that file in a tool that would draw automatically a visual tree of if.

Do you have any ideas of such a tool?

Free/online alternative prefered

(that's a one shot, I don't need it integrated in Filemaker at all)

I'd like a tool

Not sure I understand the question completely and what you are expecting when you say you would like a tool.

Have you looked at and would it fit your definition of tool? Can you provide maybe some tools you've looked into but don't give you what you want?


as I said that's just a one shot, I just want to create a pritable decision tree from csv data, automatically. Just one time

Maybe one of those mapping tools could generate the schema. Like EasyMorph?

A lot of tools like omnigraffle, visio, or yed will do that if you are able to output your data in their format. the data translation can be a fair bit of work, so for a one off project I'd agree with @Bobino and suggest the D3 javascript library.

Have a look at GraphViz

The syntax is quite easy to adopt. You can map your FileMaker Data to strings in the GraphViz Language. And then display the graph either with the GraphViz App on any OS. Or you put it into a WebViewer with the help of a given JavaScript Lib.

There are plenty of open source libraries with implementations:

(sorry cannot post further links here due to restrictions of the forum software, I'll try another post to follow up)


here are some more JS Libs with GraphViz (suitable for WebViewer)


and another Lib with a bunch of more capabilities:

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