New ETS info... from LiveCode... involves Claris

At the bottom of what is written here, there is a mention about a version of LCFM that will be released for testing to the Claris ETS program + the email address you should want to if you want to sign-up.

Check it out!

I wonder if this is also the same android app that was announced during claris engage? If so, will there be additional license costs for the android app?

I don't get how Live Code is related to Claris ETS. Usually Claris is very secret about these and other programs. Does Claris has anything to say officially about that 'partnership' ?

What I have read is that Live Code was never released (Still in beta). I went on LiveCode yesterday and if it would let you create a Desktop app, that would be the successor to runtime . . .

LiveCode held a presentiation of their FileMaker to LiveCode-Android-App mechanism a year or two ago at a european conference for FileMaker developers. I asked wether desktop conversion would be possible too and their statement was: No.
So no future for the abandoned runtime developers there

Interesting. As you should know LiveCode are operating under a creditors voluntary arrangement - basically they are insolvent but the creditors are allowing them to trade as long as they keep to the agreement to pay back monies owed on a schedule. Interestingly in the latest creditors audit report there is mention of of potentially huge new revenue stream. I think this is in working with Claris to deliver a FileMaker Android client. See attached.

That's really interesting! It would be great if Claris do partner with LiveCode, I met them at DevCon and they're very bright and a great bunch of people.

While I wish LiveCode their success, I wouldn't like to see Claris depend on them too much. They developed FM Go themselves and I would prefer if they make a FM Go for Android themselves, too.


Yeah, that's a good point.

thinking out loud: FMS and FMP used to have Draco in common - now FMS runs on Linux and Android is based/derived on/from Linux therefor Claris might be able to port it to Android on their own ..

Draco has little to do with the operating system FileMaker Server is running on. Draco is core of FileMaker Server and FileMaker Pro. Windows, Mac, Linux, Draco is still the collection of technologies that make up how FileMaker operates.

Draco is AFAIK the database engine and it is software. software runs (normally) on top of the OS and it requires to be compiled for the OS.

So if a software has been ported or compiled on a specific OS like one flavor of linux it is less complicated (in theory) to port it on another flavor of linux - that's my point.

Oh, the engine is C/C++ code and run can be ported to other system.

The problem is the GUI as in Android you write it usually in your favorite Java variant.

When you say "Linux", what are you referring to?
Key facts about Android that make it not as easy as just porting to a different "Linux" flavor...and different uses of the word "Linux".

  • Linux kernel. Does Android use the Linux kernel? Yes, kind of. It uses a custom kernel, with specialized libraries, APIs and other tools that are BSD-derived or written specifically for Android.
  • Linux distribution, or distro. Technically, because it uses the Linux kernel, it is a Linux distro. But that is a wildly broad description. ANY operating system that uses the Linux kernel is a "Linux distro". But the kernel isn't really what makes it "easy" to port to another flavor.
  • Android Open Source Project ( AOSP ). This is the source code that Google released. This is kind of the base of the OS, but is missing A LOT of the features you would expect in a full OS experience on a phone or tablet.
  • GNU/Linux. The GNU is really a big part of defining a Linux distro. Android doesn't use this. They developed a customized C library ( Bionic ). This is a big part of making software work with the OS.
  • You can't run Linux apps on Android. And you can't run Android apps on Linux.

Making software run on Linux involves handling all these layers. I'm not saying it's not possible to get a product to work, or that Claris won't make the port... but nothing about it is "easy". That's my point.

do we have a Tannenbaum Torwalds dispute?

Well, what fun would it be if it wasn't?! LOL

I doubt I have any chance to change your opinion of it, but for others reading, it is good to base their opinion on the facts behind it all.

interesting - mine is an opinion and yours are facts ..
would be very careful ..

I actually didn't express my opinion. You expressed, in short, that Android is just another flavor of Linux. I provided data, to help other readers appreciate that there is more to the discussion, because it is not just another flavor of Linux.

There is a long standing debate about exactly what is Linux and what is not. You expressed an opinion about that. I did not. So I did state facts. You stated an opinion. So, maybe, you should be very careful...because that sounded almost like a threat.

New info from livecode blog:

This seems like the way to android really is livecode and not FM Go for Android

Don't like to say I told you so but.......

What did you tell us that you don't like to say?

From a business perspective, this all seems like a good move. LiveCode learned how really hard it was to build an Android client, Claris sees that and sees the value in partnering with someone that already has 3 years into the process.

FM Go for Android will be, and is, LiveCode's approach.