LCFM: Livecode progress update

I am not going to try this, but even without putting my hands on it, it was an interesting read.

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I read this really fast. I understand that LCFM will be sold by LiveCode and not Claris.

If I am right, Claris help LiveCode in the development but does not put it's name on the product.

There are no specifics about how things will be shaped in the future regarding how this becomes part of the platform and to what degree the blend will be seamless, what kind of fine print will accompany it, and so on.

Your guess is as good as mine.

I was simply relaying the information as I think some of it is highly relevant in terms of what can be anticipated. Things can change and evolve, but for those who wonder about what the future can be based on, looking at progress at various points on the timeline can be of interest.