New "FMI" Forum Format?

It seems "FMI" has changed their forum again and, from my initial testing, collapsed all the categories. To wit, it now seems to be a single list of topics with no topic differentiation.

read also here:

Thanks...Not so much revamped...

still not-so-good. If You select 'following', it shows still only a few topics - but in full length, what is a least not what I would love to have..

There is a 'FileMaker-section', maybe to be prepared for 'connect'. As I tested, I gave up, very slow here..

One improvement: you can no easily go to your posts !

They have a long way to go.


The site still behaves badly in fundamental ways. It's so slow to load that it stops responding before the page content is loaded.

From a user perspective I want a website to deliver page content. The Claris website is so focussed on whatever SalesForce does in the background that delivery of page content is a distant second place.


Hopefully, FMI is spending the time clearly not spent on the forum upgrade to add still-missing version 1.0 features to FMP 19.

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Sadly, FileMaker has lost its Mojo :unamused:


I don't want to sound negative as I really like FMP a lot and use it all the time. But, the last n versions (where n > 3) have been DOA for me. Nothing I really can't quickly reproduce in a service (or haven't already long ago).

Having said that, FMI must be happy with how they are doing and with their direction and they must have lots of ecstatic happy customers. I'm just not one of them.

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Any other company with no such loyal developers wouldn't have survived this "FileMaker 12 Disaster"


Might be no coincidence that at the time of forum update, I'm now getting messages about Bug reports I had sent in Years ago:

Sehr geehrte(r) Herr/Frau Fehr,

Vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage! Wir werden Ihnen innerhalb von 2 Werktagen antworten.

Product and version: FMPA16.0.3 OS and version: macOS 10.13.2 Hardware: MBP 13" Late 2013 Description: Rendering SNAFU, most of "select File" window grey How to replicate: Choose Menu File Export Records in order to export data as a Excel File. See Screenshot Workaround: none Notes:

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Yep, me too! I got a reply about a PDF crash they never fixed when I had FMP16 and it was the current version. However, now, in FMP 18 land, since it was FMP 16 when I reported it, I know they won't fix it now.

I guess nobody's home there, figuratively speaking.

I think FMI spends all their time coming up with pricing schedules that nobody will understand. LOL.

well, the german emails says [translated]: Many thanks for your request. We will answer you within the next 2 working days.


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I would not like people on other forums bashing the soup. As a reminder, we have agreed to focus our conversations on useful topics.

Thank you for bringing the news to our attention; now let’s leave it at that. People know and can go and make their own mind.


Same here. Perhaps they're finally being entered into bugtrak :wink: