No Code Thinking

Here's a short article that is thinking generally about the place of no-code ( aka FileMaker and others ) solutions

Sorry everyone. It is a short article, so I wasn't surprised by @Cecile's remark.


That’s really short


We may start out with some definitions and a comprehensive overview of a broad subject.


@Malcolm no link was added to your opening post. That why @Cecile found it really short :wink:.

Oh boy I should have replied to the OP instead of Torsten.

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Hello the fmsoup! Good to pop in.

Short? Long? Whatever! It's a fantastic article!

That really hits the nail on the head, and puts the "no code" ... into the context of where we and Claris are at ...

  • a time when there is a great shortage of FileMaker developers (IT boom + ageing FM developers + not up-to-speed on-boarding of young developers) - where the no-code idiom is helping 'citizen developers' to fill that gap
  • a time when we are all trying to connect disparate system via flows - that are tangible in Claris Connect

:+1: Malcolm!


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