Other Low-Code & No-Code Competitors

Information on competing software packages in the Low-Code and No-Code category.

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This week Amazon announced it's No-Code database product HoneyCode.


It is compelling and marketed to executive teams looking to share data quickly.

It is not a serious competitor to FileMaker today. There are great limitations to the data you can save. No pictures. No URLs.

I read an article a few months ago, can't remember where, that was saying the Low-Code & No-Code segment is getting a lot of attention and that a lot of new players will come in.

That means a lot more competition for FileMaker. Claris has been there for a while and that's important. Will all new comers succeed, that remains to see. But my guess is that Amazon is serious and since they have deep pockets they are there to stay. Microsoft has its own offer too, and again it's no small player !

Honeycode is also using a subscription system.

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Retool looks pretty formidable to me, as far as FileMaker threats go. https://retool.com

For lighter projects, AirTable does a good job filling the segment where spreadsheets aren’t enough and FileMaker is perhaps too much.

We should include AppGyver in this discussion. https://www.appgyver.com

Few years ago I gave up filemaker for some time and tried Xojo, but when Filemaker start to support API, I come back to FileMaker, now I am thinking to try this "outsystems" if I get some time.


If I may ask, why did you stop using Xojo ?

Looks like it was because FileMaker started to support API.

When I first looked at FileMaker, the limitation was 1 table = 1 file. I was ok with that. When I realized users had to be replicated across each of those files (for each table), that was kind of a deal breaker. When FM7 allowed for multiple tables per file, I came back on board.

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Few year ago, I switch from FM to Xojo, because I feel this is a API economy era, every business is connected each other by API, if I stay on a tool that is not able to connect to API, there is no hope for my business. But I am not a full time developer, I have a small travel agency business, I need to spend most of my time for my business, I can only spend very little time for software development at night after my kids go to bed, so I always seek for low code, agile development tools.

I spend a lot of time learning xojo, but it take too much time for one little task, for example, to make one "edit box" you need to write quite a lot of code, to catch error, to test if user enter wrong data, so if I want to create one same layout on xojo and filemaker, xojo can spend more then X5 times of time, plus, there are some objects which is not updated for long time, and contain some bugs, I have to dig into forums to read a lot of discussions to discover the way to avoid bug, finally, I feel I can not spend any more time on this tool, not worth it. Switch from FM to Xojo is like switch from an automatic car to manual car. Xojo maybe is good for programmers, but not for business man like me.

Then I find from FileMaker 17, they have API connection function, so I come back to FileMaker, now when I talk to my business partner, I can proudly say "CONNECT TO MY API", like a big company.


FileMaker used to be at the most top-right position for years, but not any more for now. Maybe that is why FileMaker improved a lot for these 2 years, it's good to have competitor.


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I always wonder if how this score sheets are built.
Looks like for the Workplace Innovation Platforms, they now list AirTable as first entry!?


G2 Research Scoring Methodologies there you go Christian :wink:

On that page, show the grid and play with the radio-button filters. Interesting to see how things are shaped for both "enterprise" clients and also looking at the new "trending" filter.

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I always want to try the first one, "outsystems", but they only support windows version, their mac version is virtual, by parallels,

I have tried Bubble. It's very API oriented and is pretty robust.

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