Pasting into container filed from clipboard is being stored as BMP file. Can this be changed?

When pasting into a container field from your clipboard from say a screen shot for example, it stores it inside of FileMaker as a BMP. Not my first choice for image formats. Is this something that can be changed easily?

If it cannot be changed is there a way I could run a script that would change the file types?

Using windows and hosted on a server. Currently 18 but looks to be soon 19

You can't change how FM interprets the clipboard but you can certain integrate with an image utility if you want to change the format and re-insert the graphic.

Do you use plugins?
Clipboard.GetPicture in MBS FileMaker Plugin kann sowas und dann ein JPEG bauen.

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I always try to accomplish my task with FileMaker native support but I have used plugins in the past. I actually just installed MBS FileMaker plugin on a test database trying out copying WebView.SelectAll. I will look at the Clipboard.GetPicture and see if it will work for me.

I am still hoping there is a way to improve what happens natively but it dose not sound good. I guess I should be happy it is not a WMF format.

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This integration with an image utility would not be automated right? I have considered for my use I could have a program like Greenshot auto save the screenshot with a set name and then have my database grab that file and insert it. But this would be asking a lot of all my customers to setup on there computers.

Sure it would be automated if you make it so. If you guide the user in pasting through a scripted workflow then it is as simple as making a call to the OS with the picture or to some online or self-hosted web service; there are plenty.

It could even be an onModify event trigger on the container field.

Or it could be a server-side routine that looks for new records every 10 minutes...

Plenty of options.

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I will think on this for a bit.Thank you for the reply and suggestion.

if you are already in MBS-testing mood

maybe can be part of your solution.