FileMaker Go and iOS Photo Integration

Someone on another forum is looking for a way to export an image from a container to iOS' Photo library. I thought the question was interesting. The requestor believes it is simply a matter of exporting to a folder. I was under the impression there was more than folders involved in the photo library. Anyone know if it is possible to integrate FileMaker Go and the iOS Photo library and how?

Yeah, a version of this is natively built in to containers.

Click container, Export, Continue, Save Image... profit?

If it must be automated, then I suspect you could do it with an iOS shortcut. One approach might be to send the photo to the iOS shortcut via the clipboard input query param in the shortcuts:// url (input=clipboard), but I haven't tested if that works. Another option, depending on the size, would be to b64 encode and pass the b64 as the input, then decode/save within the shortcut. Yet another variation would be to call the Data API within FM Go to get a streaming url and pass that to the shortcut, which should be able to GET and save the image to a specific Photos album.

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A little more on shortcuts since I think they're cool.

EDIT: I got x-callback-url to work, just make sure the url is properly encoded.

Using a shortcut that simply does Save [Clipboard] To [Photo Album], this url should work and calls back to FM automatically.

shortcuts://x-callback-url/run-shortcut?name=NAME OF SHORTCUT&input=clipboard&x-success=fmp19://$/FILENAME%20ENCODED&x-cancel=fmp19://$/FILENAME%20ENCODED&x-error=fmp19://$/FILENAME%20ENCODED

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