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Tell us why or why not in the comments…

$ Unfortunately There are sessions I would have really liked to attend. Maybe next year!

to expensive and boarding a plane is not my favorit
I visit at least two conferences per year in europe
I miss insight on tech details which filemaker does not share on the european conferences, they only join for marketing reasons
networking is great, especially with the crowd at dotfmp in Berlin, although nothing compared to devcon, I guess

same here as well, besides of the additional circumstances when not having a passport…

Takes to much time. Used to attend FMK here in Europe but stopped that, too. FMI engineers give good and interesting presentations, but FMI’s focus is clearly on marketing, which is a waste of my time.


For me, an FMP Devcon is a TWOTAM (Total Waste of Time and Money). Until FMI adds some of the 80+ missing features to make FMP more productive, I use it less and less.

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Hugely expensive for the UK, particularly with the state of our currency at the moment. However, we’ve customers in Asia, India and the Middle East as well as Europe and US and servicing/supporting all of these from the US timezone is pretty much impossible (Myanmar start work 03:00 GMT).

Just to bring a balance to the conversation, DevCon can be a very valuable experience. Everyone will have a different value proposition, obviously.

If it’s a “total waste of time and money”, that means it’s a waste for you. There are a lot of people from Europe, Asia, Australia that are there. So it’s not a waste of time and money for everyone.

I’ve heard a few people say that DevCon is all marketing, but I whole-heartedly disagree. In fact, its very little marketing. The sessions, sans the 2nd keynote they added on Tuesday morning, is almost all technical in content. Besides the sessions, which are great, the networking and time sitting with other devs and picking each others’ brains is priceless.

Hi Josh

I’m not suggesting it is a waste of time or money, but the practicalities at the moment outweigh any potential benefits for us.

Also, please remember there are also some excellent European events that normally happen in Autumn (Fall!) that some of US FileMaker team attend (Brad and Julie were here last year).

As a follow on, I often think we focus too much on FileMaker. We’re a small company that needs to address marketing, business plan, employment, expansion, cash flow, etc. Constantly needing to focus on what is, at the end of the day, our primary tool (platform), does not necessarily drive the business forward.

A successful and expanding company results in more FileMaker licenses being sold. Learning new techniques and awareness of what may be coming doesn’t necessarily result in more income for FileMaker (or us).

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I refuse to visit the US when you are made to feel so unwelcome. The entry requirements and process are overbearing. I’ll spend my money elsewhere. Shame.

We are on the same page. I am aware of the reasons. The "for us" part of your response differentiates your comment from others that sometimes happen ( and I mean, really, that they happen accidentally ). Sometimes other comments, when read from the outside make it sound like there is no value for anyone. Again, I don't think anyone here was saying that, they all qualified the statement with "for me", or "for us".

I just wanted to make sure that others that read the thread also hear that there is great value. Your mileage may vary! :wink:


It’s sad that you are made to feel that way. The entry process can be taxing for sure. At least once you are in, the people are welcoming.

Oh I’ve been to the US on numerous occasions - mainly to Boston and the Twin Cities in my Progress RDBMS days. Loved my time there and the people were super friendly as you described. Like Andy says the cost is prohibitive too at the moment due to our collapsing currency and the Brexit disaster.

well… if You do not have that ‘biometric passport’ here, it gets complicated. Since I do not have any valid passport, I don’t even think about joining devcon. Further on, it’s quite pricy

(For traveling through Europe, no passport is needed)

Not for us. Yet! :wink:

Have grown up in the UK surrounded by American citizens due to proximity to US Air Force bases. Feel closer to many Americans than most Brits.

Many US closest male friends married to European women, and one of my best mates lives in Anchorage (F15 pilot who I see most years over here at various beer festivals).

Despite growing up surrounded by Americans and addicted to Marvel comic collections (2 suit cases worth from the mid 70s), only visited once in Washington State and Montana. Love the people and the country.

Here is what I read from our members based on this thread:

  • More travel required = more investment. This translates to asking for more value when compared to a conference attendee who does not have to travel as much.
  • Similar events that are closer are also reducing the likeliness someone would attend the DevCon
  • Logistic elements (having a passport or not)
  • Outside conditions (exchange rate being favorable or not, …)

I’m curious about if the venue & the city it takes place in plays a role or not in the decision. From what it seems, it is not the case. I guess the only thing that could make that an important criteria is for people who are trying to combine travel plans (visiting a customer nearby, attending another conference, family vacation, …)

It’s going to be different with every person. Having events around the world increases the audience.

But there is no ignoring the fact that at DevCon, there are a LOT of people from outside the US there. It’s also difficult for someone who hasn’t been to calculate the value the same. Nothing wrong with that, but does have an impact.

There is also a limit to the reasonable size of such a venue. Something that works for a, let’s say 1k people gathering, may not work for 2k or even more people.