Poll: How do you stay informed about FileMaker

“Informed” in the largest interpretation possible: about the product, about the company, about techniques, about events, …

Please check all that apply:

  • Colleagues (working at the same company)
  • Local developer meetings (not conference)
  • Blogs / newsletter subscriptions
  • Group mailing list
  • Community forum (any)
  • Local events (conference or other)
  • DevCon
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook

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podcasts missing

@FileKraft Thanks for sharing this extra option. Unfortunately, polls cannot be edited, so I cannot add that option in, but adding to the discussion makes sure it gets heard. I’m not much of a podcast person myself, I guess that’s why it eluded me when putting this list together.

youtube has also lots of content worth mentioning …
(I use a lot of public transportation and podcasts are a welcome entertainment)


Conversations with Claris employees.
Conversations/texts with other developers who spend time at the HQ.

I would file this under gossip

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We have a very different view of business and vendor relationships.

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very true - I like facts, evidence, science and logic and stay away from promises, speculations and insider grapevine especially politics of inner groups …

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I’m sorry @FileKraft, but I have to stand against you on that one. Staying informed is very generic. I agree that the intention of the question was to look for answers that are more broadly available than private communications.

That said, for those who invest & maintain those relationships (regardless of one’s capacity or access) I have to say that it is a valid source of information. Information is just that, how you value it can depend on your own scale. For sure, if someone speaks to an employee and hears something that has not been publicly announced, there is an understanding that things may shift by the time it comes to a public announcement, or that it may never end up happening. At that point, previous exchanges also come into play to see how reliable the source is.

We’re not talking about political/religious beliefs here so opposing FACTUAL communications that someone may recognize as EVIDENCE in a given context to “facts, evidence, science and logic” and minimize them to “gossip” or “promises, speculations, (…)” does not sit well with me.

Just from that, I’m guessing your past experience on that side of things was not a reliable one. I could be wrong. Either way, I suggest you measure the weight of your words. From the outside, it looks like you are painting a picture with a very broad brush.

Just saying


thanks for repeating my post partially - apparently it has been flagged and suppressed because it violates guidelines here … ethics …