Prevent Excel changing imported data

Having had this enquiry from a client last week, wondering why her exported CSV data from Filemaker was being changed when she opened it in Excel, I thought the following link may be useful to others:



Thanks Andy for this ! I guess many of the members know these things because they have worked a lot in Excel . . . but when it's time to export to Excel, we forget about them and get stomach burns.

That's useful! Thanks Andy.

I have not ran into this yet but I am sure I will sooner or later. Thanks for sharing.

I also ran into an issue where reading "text" data in Excel with numbers was misinterpreted as numeric data. Checking the column type, it said "text", yet the program I was using still interpreted the columns as numbers.
My solution was to use ... Excel ... Data ... Text To Columns.
That put a ' mark before each "text" value and it was finally treated as text.
In my case I was reading the Excel sheet directly so this situation is a bit different.