Problem Solvers Circle

The Claris video was not clear about the eventual pricing of the PS Circle. One part said it’s 30% above current costs. (Which for me is Server with five users — $900 USD.) Another part of the video implied the pricing is in line with a site license (which I believe is a 25 user minimum.)

Regardless, I filled out the online form today. Next step is I’m supposed to receive an email from Claris.

The video implied Claris would provide Partners with additional info. Anybody seen that yet?

Yes! Go to the partners web site to find more details.

Update #1: Spoke to a Claris sales rep this morning. He is going to email me the agreement. Cost is $500 for two years. (Two year server license X 30%.)

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Is that on top of your current subscription ?

> Is that on top of your current subscription ?

Yes, it’s a 30% surcharge over your current license. I have a five-user server license that costs $900 per year or $1665 for two years. You have to sign a two year agreement (which I have not yet received).

It is a language problem - for quite a lot of developers around here. I did not really get it - I got some aspects, but I am still unsure what the PSC is for. We think that we have to wait until more details are presented

Things are getting much more complicated since Claris has no longer an office in de DACH region

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I’m thinking of the PSC as beta testers. I’m interested in testing Claris Connect and the “anonymous users” feature.

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Here is a screenshot of a good slide showing the offer:


Update #2: I’ve now enrolled in the PSC and Claris is going to send me additional details. One note — this is a new license, so if you pursue the PSC be sure to discuss any “overlap” between an existing license and the PSC license. In my case, Claris is extending the (two year) PSC license by six months for a total of 30 months.

Just got an invitation, an email for the Community, to a presentation

Join us for a webinar with 2022 Claris Community Development award winner Sam Riggleman

Those who are interested, just register !

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What is ‘Claris Connect Standard’?

See Claris FileMaker pricing change for your country.

There are 2 plans: Essentials and Standard.

Sam’s a good guy. We’ve been bouncing some tech exchanges between us over the last year or two.

They’ve pushed elements of FileMaker to the extreme in Eswatini and achieved things that few (if any) other software solutions could have within the time and budgets available.

Without knowing the content, I’d recommend having a look


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Update #3 - Trying to navigate the various Claris account pages.

Seems like the Claris Customer Console is only for Connect and Cloud.

Claris Studio has a separate URL that allows team members to download Claris Pro.

Still searching for how to allow users to download FMP.

Isn't Claris Pro the new branding, in other words, it is FileMaker Pro?

Based on the latest podcasts I’ve listened to, Claris is going to offer both FMP and CP during the transition. I haven’t downloaded CP yet to compare them. Will try to do that this weekend.

FileMaker Pro is the product we have known for a while. Claris Pro is a FileMaker Pro with added functionalities that let him open Claris Studio Forms.

Those not interested in Claris Studio App (aka the new stuff) will use FileMaker Pro.

Those interested in hybrid solutions will use Claris Pro.