Claris Studio now available!

Claris Studio has been released about a hour ago. See Rosemary Tietge announcement on the Community:

Claris Studio is now available!

They are talking about it but you can’t buy it.

MBS Plugin should work with Claris Pro and Claris Server :slight_smile:

Sure you can buy it, you just have to find it on the site :confused:. Not easy though. Here in Canada - not sure if the site changes were propagated to elsewhere on the planet - I first go to Now I make sure that the page is scroll all the way to the top, because this will not be displayed:

Click on Discover how >. then scroll to the bottom - I told you it would not be easy:

It has been there since Platform Bundle has been announced. My guess is that your are looking for something else, the free offer for a single license that does not let you share what you create. No words on this yet. Maybe that will be announced in the next presentation on September 13th.

Thank you Gilles,
I actually went on the ‘pricing’ page of the vendor’s website, where I expect commercial offerings being displayed, as the name suggests.
The ‘freemium’ is not what I was looking for. It won’t have any networking capability. That’s back to the 90s of the last century.

I didn’t see the freemium version on the Claris website. Is that link buried somewhere?

now, the new products are on the price-list. One has to scroll all the way down to find 'Studio' - what shows the new products

freemium is somewhat 'alien', there was almost no talking about that. It will need a Claris ID, that seems to be sure - but other limitations.. no idea (besides of not networkable). There were rumors/hopes that freemium would be a replacement for runtimes (what Claris imho does not want)