Recommendations for Managed Hosting Filemaker Cloud or other?

I'm looking for recommendations for managed hosting. Been using FMPHost and they're fine but we're having chronic slowdowns and they haven't been able to help us debug. We're looking at upgrading our plan so we can restart the server every night (the control panel keeps using more CPU cycles for some reason).

Does anyone use Filemaker Cloud? How is it? Are there other recommendations out there?


by 1-more-thing. They now have servers in the US. They leverage the Linux platform.

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What do you guys use from FMS?

  • XML interfaces
  • PHP interfaces
  • Data API
  • Server side Plugins
  • OData connections
  • Access to file system
  • Authentication via LDAP
  • SSH Connection to your server

I think it depends where you are located. My personal preference is to stay away from FMcloud due to licensing and limited control. As far as I am informed you cannot just login with your own copy and license of FMP and need to be a member of the FMcloud license set. It needs to be assigned for that purpose. So if you get a a license for one FMcloud set you cannot connect to another server - again as far as I am informed (?).

If you need to restart your server on a daily basis something seams wrong with either your deployment or your FM solution though IMHO.

My persona preference is to hire a pro (if you don't want to do it yourself) and get a server at some dedicated server or VM or high-end ISP and have FM installed there depending on your needs.

Good luck.

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None of the above.

Have you used for a while? Linux is always a bit of a red flag for me. In my experience Linux Devs tend to be more interested in the theory of perfection than the nuts and bolts of "I need it to work dependably". Not always, but often... That being said, they also tend to be Uber-geeks who enjoy tricky problems, so as long as they're not creating complexity for the sake of complexity it can work really well.

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Linux FMS seems to work better than macOS or Windows in some kind. Especially as you can virtualize it well.

if you have a license, you can't use it for FileMaker Cloud, so better go with something like (or similar offering), where you can bring your existing license.


Tanks FileKraft. I'd rather hire a company with redundancy than a single "pro" to host it. I had a web company in the past and I learned pretty fast that "one smart person" doesn't work, you need a team of dedicated geeks for things like dependable hosting.

It all depends on what you need but I have several clients on dedicated servers at They offer desktop access, Canadian servers and the client software/ticketing systems is great.

Soliant does great hosting - they are top ranked!

I checked out and their chat button doesn't work on their website. Doesn't bode well for their tech support...

360works another top firm for hosting ..

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I use Productive Computing. They are excellent.

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I agree with @FileKraft.

The cloud version does not support everything the client-hosted version does. There's a comparison chart on the Claris page for that stuff.

For me, regardless of how good they are, I don't want a third party in the middle hosting my stuff...

I use an AWS t3.large instance for my server and do it all myself. Really not difficult.

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Hello @JasonMark,

as others mentioned, we ( offer hosting service on a docker architecture.
I could explain why it doesn't compare in terms of performance and price, but here is an independent benchmark by Nick Lightbody that is even more eloquent: Claris FileMaker Server 19: a performance test of Linux .v. Windows | by Nick Lightbody | Jan, 2021 | Medium

What's morel, we offer a 7-day free trial, so there's really no reason not to try.



Cloud is a great product. There are a lot of positives. However, it is not the same as the FMS you are used to. The fact that the hardware and networking components are solved problems is a big plus. It avoids many of the problems that arise when the server is owner operated. On the other hand, it has some limitations in comparison with the traditional FMS. Some might be issues.

It doesn't allow plugins to be run.
It doesn't allow you to mess with the OS.
It doesn't allow you to tweak or tinker.
It doesn't allow you to use the webserver for your own means.
It doesn't allow concurrent licensing YET. User based licenses only at the moment.

On the other hand
It does begin at AWS 10GB Large hosting environment and goes up
It is running on highly available, fault tolerant, always-up infrastructure
The "don't touch the OS" policy is very good for stability :smile:


Also, doesn't allow JDBC

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OData and Data API are the way to connect from external apps. If you were using JDBC, OData is going to provide a very similar experience.

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You're all awesome. Thank you for this!

I was just filling in an item from the actual Claris comparison (JDBC not supported in Claris’s FileMaker Cloud ).

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