About the fmcloud.fm channel

fmcloud.fm has been 1-more-thing's hosting service since 2010. In October 2020, after FileMaker Server on Linux was released, our service went worldwide and is, up to now, the only service running on a docker architecture.

Thanks to docker, our service is 300% faster than others, and supports 400% more clients… for a fraction of the price.

Nick Lightbody published an in-depth benchmark here: Claris FileMaker Server 19: a performance test of Linux .v. Windows | by Nick Lightbody | Jan, 2021 | Medium

And… we've got a free trial, so feel free to test us by simply filling the form here: https://www.fmcloud.fm

Referral: we do have a referral program, so recommending our service to your customers (or others) will pay you :beers:

Would you have any question, please ask.

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