Reflections on 2022 and a look ahead to 2023 from Claris

Robert Holsey, chief product owner, shared his reflections on 2022 and a look ahead to 2023 with the Claris Community.

Personally, I've enjoyed participating in this community and watching it grow over the past few years.

All of us at Claris wish you and yours a safe and joyous festive season. We look forward to working with you in 2023.


Thank you, @RosemaryTietge !
A joyous festive season to everyone @Claris, too!


Thank you @RosemaryTietge and Claris for keeping FileMaker users informed. This is highly appreciated.

To everyone at Claris Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year :champagne:.


I am not able to open the link. I get the error „ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED“. Has anyone the same error?
(macOS Ventura 13.1, Brave Browser)

EDIT: In Safari it works. Strange.

Monterey + Brave are working here...

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Interesting! Now, some hours later the link works in Brave too.
Yesterday and earlier today it didn't work.

But OK. Now I have read the article. For me it cleared not everything but a lot of my concerns about the future direction of Claris/FileMaker.

The more accurate the picture we get, the less apprehension remains. And anticipation of what is to come has a chance.