Reporting bugs to Claris (specifically Editing record in a separate window message in error)

My client has a screen they use to edit students for graduation. Because of the nature of this process they need to see the student's regular page side-by-side with the graduation tracking page, and then they edit it in the new gradpath page that opens.

This has worked great, but since upgrading to 19.6.3 my client has had a problem with "can't edit record because it's being edited in a separate window".

The one machine which still runs 19.6.1 and it works fine.


  • Should I/can I report this to Filemaker somehow? I'm hoping will be fixed again in next update.

In my case it occurs after pressing a button that is in a portal. If I have interacted with the portal record before clicking the button the record remains open and throws that dialog. If I click into white space within the portal row that is not enough to commit the data and close the record. It's necessary to click outside the portal, committing the child and parent record, then going back to the button.

Found the answer on where to report issues:

to report directly to Claris either via Report a product issue topic on Claris Community or contacting Claris customer support in your region.

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