FMP 19.1.2 chrashes when creating a DDR


Yes, we’ve been a victim of this in the last couple of days and have lost a lot of time as a result. I’ve added our comments to Claris Community (English)

We’ve also seen some display issues when opening a card window, when based on a temporary relationship using a global field. However, I’ve not been able to replicate this reliably to a point where I’m convince this is a new problem. Work to do.


This is ruining my day right now. I think I'll have to copy my file, ditch recently added subsummaries and try DDRing that. The show must go on!

We have sub-summaries all over the place. As long as all of the files are open with Full Access, I've had no problem running a DDR ( we have 3 files that open at a low level with an auto-login, they are just publicly available info for the most part ).

If, however, one of those auto-enter files opened with a non-Full-Access account, the DDR process crashes every time. Confirmed with 19.0 and 19.1.

Interesting find. DDR will only perform on files that are open with full-access but it shouldn't crash, it should simply step over them.

Correct, which is what I believe it did in 18. I'm putting together a sample to send in.