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So Claris includes this screenshot of "what you can do with Claris" on their website. How do they do the "today" and Yesterday on the right? What do they use for Charts? The built in ones or HTML? Is there a way to download this example file directly from Claris to deconstruct?

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I assume there is some non-FM-native JS in WV involved.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is not even built in FM but just a marketing mockup.

That said, the Today/Yesterday stuff on the right looks doable with portals and object formatting.

The charts would need to be JavaScript in webviewer(s).


I would think the chart comes from an Addon.

Well that's lame...

@jwilling you mentioned the portal being doable with formatting... How can I get headings to show up in a portal when it's sorted like they show, without a web portal, or would that have to be a web portal too?

I was thinking two portals, filtered differently, with a little gray badge above each one ("Today"/"Yesterday")

And here's that FM file if you wanna play around with it:

Today Yesterday.fmp12 (292 KB)


It is 100% Claris FileMaker!

The file was distributed. You should be able to locate it with a bit of digging around.

Really? I've tried to find it before and failed. My GoogleFu must be calibrated wrong.

The app's name is 'Donations', according to the screenshot.
I put that in the search function of '' and got this:

and I put it in the search function of '' and got this:

Thanks @Jwilling, the way it was laid out it looked more dynamic, so if you (for example) had 3 things in today and 8 in yesterday it would slide up and not have a bunch of white space.

I think I'd have to HTML it to make that happen...

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@JasonMark ah, I didn't notice that. HTML would certainly be a good way to do it, but you could also get it done pretty easily with a virtual list too I think. E.g., you can make some virtual list rows in the variable "section header" rows and then use conditional hiding within a portal to display those as "Today" and "Tomorrow".

(Or if we could find FM's Donations file, we could see what they did)


Simply put 2 records "today" and "yesterday" into the table "Donations" by default and display them with appropriate sorting and conditional formatting and maybe hide conditions. Then it is completely dynamic.
Edit: If you are counting the donations take care of the two additional records …

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I wouldn't mix data and display info like that in my own DB, but that's just my personal preference.

Another approach is a virtual list where you can do that. So the original table is clean. This table seems to be for display only, so that’s a great case for a virtual table.

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Looking into Virtual Lists now. One question, if we have 3 different windows open with 3 different students all using the same virtual list, will they be able to show the right information for each student, or is a virtual list a sort of "global" entity for lack of a better word?

Add a number to the window name and use repetition fields for displaying data. If your window has added the number 2 for example then use repetition 2 for the $$var and fields. That should work. Have not tried yet, it’s a spontaneous idea.

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Here's a VL example (I don't mean to over-contribute, just a fun problem)

EDIT whoops corrected off-by-one error:

Yesterday Today VL Version.fmp12 (312 KB)


Only now I saw that you have already suggested the virtual list before me. Whoops!

Regarding the virtual list approaches where the technique is being used in a multi-window environment:

One test that I like to do to see how robust the multi-window capability is, is to open up several windows that need to display different items using the virtual list, and then, from another client, open up the same file and edit the layout that client #1 is sitting on. This creates a refresh condition in client 1 that will cause each of the opened windows to refresh. If, after the sudden "unexpected" refresh, each window is still showing its proper virtual list data, then I feel confident that the technique is going to withstand even the least favorable of deployment conditions.

(This test, of course, assumes that the file is hosted -- since I open it using two different clients.)


@Torsten Did you find the Donations template (if it exists) ? I searched on Claris Web Site got this Memberships - Claris Marketplace

If it's a real solution, it's unfortunate that Claris does not mention who use it. According to the screen capture, there are only 9 records.