Seeing Muted Topics

In some cases, to avoid overbearing the Latest Topics feed with content from a channel very active, admin will mute a the channel or mute a specific TAG, in which case any post that has been tagged with the specified string will not appear in the Latest Topic lists.

Unfortunately, that affect the channel itself's own topic list. So what can you do to see such content and to receive notifications for new content?

6 methods:

  1. Unmute it in your user preferences.
  2. Watch or track the thread
  3. Click on the link from the Table of Contents if available in any provided Introduction topic visible in the channel topic list.
  4. Select the muted tag in the drop-down to have all muted Topics appear (see example below)
  5. If you are already in a thread that has the muted tag listed beneath the thread's Title, clicking on the tag will bring up a page with all threads that have that tag.
  6. Finally, probably the easiest method to see all threads in a given channel is to choose the read mode instead of Latest (see last example below)

1- From the Channel "home" page
2-Select a tag (all tags doesn't include muted tags)

1- From the Channel "home" page
2-Select Read mode (all tags will include muted tags)

How do you know if there is new content?

Check for the text "unread" by the channel name

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