Adding tags

From some past comments, my personal experience and what I witnessed yesterday, adding tags to a post isn't as intuitive as one would hope.

When you click on the + sign, a search box appears, with a list of choices that the system aggregates from past entries. So how are new entries created? When you start typing, if it doesn't correspond to any existing entry, the highlighted lined should appear at the bottom, (or at the top line, as I just discovered!!) "create: some-word". If you click on it, it will create the tag.

I say should because yesterday I noticed that we could not see that line on someone else's screen. This person uses the dark theme. Does that have something to do? was it because the contextual pop up bleeds below the screen? I do not know.

If anyone has that issue, I would like to know so I can investigate further!

It is not because it bleeds off the screen. See image.

Woah.... it doesn't even give you the chance to create one...

is it like that in other channels or just that one???

I use dark theme and see the create tag option. What channel are you referring to?


Same in other channels.

I figured what was going on. Tagging was restricted to trust level 3 users. I changed it to trust level 0. Which makes a lot more sense with our general request that everyone tag their posts!! :roll_eyes: